everything vegetal related (fruits, vegetables, processed fruits, sugar, corn, coffee, soyabeans, processed products like IQF, pulps, beverages, dry fruits and juices)

ECOSUS AGRONOMIA LTDA is an agrobusiness consultance company working with tecnical and comercial assistance to buyers and supliers all over the world. We help both parties to aprouch themselfes and facilitate comunication and transparence on the negotiations. In resume we help buyers in all continentes to find new supliers in South and Central America and we help Brazilian buyers to find new supliers in other continentes for the products they work with. Working with everything vegetal origin related, we work with organic products and other certified products as well. Our main office stays in Brazil, but we have representants and partner’s offices in almost all countries of Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.



Daniel Souza



Rua Pamplona, 1364 casa 13 - CEP 01405-002 - São Paulo-SP - Brasil