We are a brand of people who think organics in Brazil

As a not-for-profit organization, Organis – Brazilian Organis Promotion Association brings together companies, producers and suppliers engaged in the production and consumption of organics and who work for the promotion of continuous development in this sector. We also support global companies seeking opportunities in our domestic market, by integrating them into trade promotions such as this.
Several segments of our economy, from farms to the consumer’s table, function directly and indirectly around organic produces and with Organis they are together under the same roof. We are set up to help raising awareness about organics and about the implications of organic produce growth in Brazil. We congregate more than 70 companies offering over 1,000 items, all in compliance with the best principles, values and organic practices. You can access the list of our associates here.

How we work in Brazil?

We create opportunities for our associates to promote their products, services and interests. We do this through events and partnerships with public and private sectors. We organize tailored programs targeting different audiences, including international buyers, retail professionals, producers, suppliers and final consumers. We have a substantial history of successes with these initiatives.

How did we come about?

Organis originated from Organic Brasil, an initiative created with Apex-Brasil in 2005 to carry out events and promote Brazilian organics at international fairs and similar spaces. By promoting exports of Brazilian organic products it consolidates Brazil’s image as a supplier of certified products with capacity to serve the most demanding markets.
The creation of Organis as an association for producers and suppliers of organic produce, was a natural development and it exists to support our associates internally and, via Organic Brasil, link them to the market abroad.

Organic Growth

Atmosfera Orgânica is the tagbrand used by Organis on its stands at national fairs and events of interest to the organic sector. It is a planned promotional space, where our associates and supporting companies can introduce their products to the market. Events such as the SuperApras, Anuga Select Brazil, Apas, BioBrazil/BioFach, GreenRio, have all experienced the “Atmosfera Orgânica”.
Under this tagbrand we provide customized gondola shelves and displays and create prominent visual identity campaigns, aiming at promoting the sector institutionally. National and international companies wishing to enter the Brazilian organic market will find that Organis’ booths are a great opportunity to integrate with potential partners and suppliers and get closer to the public.

Consumer profiling

We carry out market surveys to learn about and understand Brazilian organic consumers. The data collected in our biannual Overview of Organic Consumption in Brazil is essential for our associates. Our findings inform them about consumer behavior and market trends and because of that it is recognized as a crucial source of valuable information when drawing action plans in the sector. The last study, carried out in 2023, is available for download here.

Specific Projects

Organis is always attentive to opportunities and will support and channel the creativity of our associates and partners into innovative actions. Strong presence on social networks, members’ accessibility to virtual space in our website, plus specific actions of market intelligence, are sound examples of how Organis is moving the organic market in Brazil forwards.

Can a foreign company take advantage of opportunities in the Brazilian organic market?

Yes, as an associate, your company will be part of a strong brand with solid values, which Brazilian consumers associate to organics and  productions that are viable not only environmentally but also because they hold social and economic responsibility. Your company will have opportunities to participate in Brazilian fairs  and gain exclusive access to information that will help you make decisions related to our market.