Triunfo do Brasil


• Organic Yerba Mate (Green, Aged and Toasted)
• Spray Dried Yerba Mate
• Yerba Mate Liquid Extract

Triunfo do Brazil is a century-old family business that has produced organic mate in southern Brazil for four generations. Our unique location in South America is the only place worldwide where mate can grow naturally. Maintaining a rich and biodiverse environment remains of central importance to Triunfo. Our mate grows in the wild among the local plants and animals, in an area of 2,000.00 hectares 100% organic certified.
In addition to Triunfo’s organic certification, we are also proud to be part of the Fair Trade USA and Fair for Life certifications.
Triunfo’s organic mate is highly nutritious, loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In fact, mate has twice the amount of antioxidants as green tea. Mate is also a natural source of energy and provides a refreshing alternative to coffee and other popular energy drinks. Triunfo believes that organic food is the foundation of a healthy body and a healthy planet.


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